Biodemical Engineer

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Biodemical Engineer

Biomedical Egineer

Biomedical egineers have some of the coolest things to do at work. They make artificial organs and other things to replace body parts. They also build machines to diagnose what medical problem you may be expericing.

How They Help You

The Workplace

A biomedical egineers workplace varies from time to time. Some work in hospitals when someone is in physical therapy. Others work in labs developing new inventions to cure current diseases.


Biomedical engineers typically need a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from an accredited program to enter the occupation. Or they could get a bachelor's dergee in a different field of egineering.


A biomedical egineer makes approximately 91,760 a year for an average egineer. A top notch egineer can make 139,350 a year thats 67.00 an hour.

The ResponsibilityBiomedical Egineering isn't all fun and games. it's a serios professsion and someone else's life is in your hands. So it's either you know or you dont know.

The DemandThis job will rise to the most wanted list fast as we humans evolve our technology will evolve with us. This means we will need people who know how to build, operate, and innovate our new products

The Demand


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