[2014] Ashley Petersen: Biochemistry

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[2014] Ashley Petersen: Biochemistry


What is a biochemist?



Our Work


What do we do?


What are they paid?

Employment is projected to increase by 19% by 2022. However, because it's a small occupation, that will mean only about 5,400 jobs in the next 8 years. Budgets are expected to be the main limitation in the industry. Biochemists with experience and articles published in research journals should have the best chances for success. Typically there is competition for research funding, since it can change from year to year.

Biochemists and biophysicists are an extension and combination of biology, chemistry and physics. There are many sub fields they can study in, but most deal with advanced machines to conduct and analyze experiments. Biochemists can study anything from genetic mutations to Alsheimmer's. Biophysicists study things such as how nerve cells communicate or how protiens work. They use things such as electron microscopes and computer programs to render their findings three dimensional.

Work Enviroment

What is it like?

AdvancementSome biochemists become natural science managers. Those who pursue management careers spend much of their time on administrative tasks, such as preparing schedules and budgets.Important QualitiesAnalytical skills, communication skills, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, math, perserverence, and problem-solving.

How to become a biochemist

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