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Bioassembly Tool

Bioassembly Tool




Changing the Way we Live

The bio assembly tool, otheriwse known as the BAT can print 3D organs. The organs are created from stem cells, and once the tissues turn into an organ then they are ready to be printed. This will have many benefits, one is that the organs can be used in transplant patients, and will always be a match becuase they are created specifically for the patient.


Pros - perfect match-healthier organs-get organs faster

This will undoubtedly change the way we live. It will mainly change it in a positve way. People who need transplants will not have to wait as long, and they will be able to have a perfect match. This tool will save many lives.

Pros and Cons

Cons-IP businesses will loose money-may not last as long as human organs

Who Made it

-created in China-Hangzhou Dianzi University

The BAT was created in August of 2013. It should start being used in 2018.

When it was made


People will not be able to purchase these, they are for medical purposes only. Hospitals and insurance companies will be paying around $400,000 and organ.



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