Bio Water Campaign

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Bio Water Campaign

What is it?Heat of Vaporization is the amount of energy required to convert 1 gram of a substance from a liquid to a gas! To evaporate 1g of water at 25°C, about 580 cal of heat is needed- nearly double that of alcohol.

Vaporization is like magic! It has the power to break up the powerful hydrogen bonds in water and evaporate! ABRACHADABRA & POOF!! It’s gone– magic.

I have a high heat of that vaporization prevents me from evaporating from all bodies of water; if all the I evaporated, you'd be dying. SO DO YOU WANT TO BE ALIVE OR BE DEAD?

High Heat of Vaporization is VITAL to survival! It helps maintain homeostasis, which is the ability to maintain a steady state despite changing conditions, in organisms through evaporative cooling such as sweating in humans. It occurs because the molecules with the greatest kinetic energy leave the surface as a gas, and in turn cooling it down. It basically prevents terrestrial organism from overheating. Therefore, we need it to SURVIVE, SURVIVE, SURVIVE! Now what use would Adhesion be in survival? All it does is create attraction between two substances, in this case water and another substance. The only thing that can do is create a meniscus in a graduated cylinder. HOW EXCITING! …. not.

Sweating, brings a smile to your face every single day. Helping you live life to the fullest.

It also helps moderate Earth's climate! It's why tropical sea's have such good climate!!!!


Sweat Sweat Go Away, That's What All It's Haterz Say!


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