Bio Tropical Rainforest

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Weather and Climate

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Bio Tropical Rainforest

Biotic Factors- A Biotic meaning related to life or living Factors.Abiotic Factors- Abiotic meaning nonliving are factors that effect living organisms.

There are three Biotic Factors in the Tropical Rainforest. Producers, Consumers, and Secondary Consumers,producers are the rubber trees, bamboo, and tropical fruit trees. Consumers are things that eat the producers, such as sloths, lemurs, marmosets, and monkeys. Secondary consumers eat the consumers. Two examples are Tigers and Jaguars. Decomposers break down dead animals like. An Example is a Termite.

Mans Effect On The Tropical Rainforest:People have effected the Tropical Rainforest by deforestation. Man has tore down rainforests to make their supplies such as paper and wood to sell and make profit. That's why I wrote this on paper. Rainforests are only 2% of the world so if we keep tearing it down we'll run out of it. We should go mostly technology to conserve paper and wood.

Animal Life/Plant Life- The soil used to be quite filled with nutrients. But the longer it lived the less fertile it got. So now it is not as packed with nutrients anymore. Decomposers break down dead animals to keep the soil with nutrients. However, there is a high amount of biodiversity and has many animals. This biome has the highest biodiversity out of them all which means there is the most amount of different species of animals here. Most animals have adapted to being able to live in trees.

Rainfall/Climate:Tropical Rainforests usually have more than 200 CM of precipitation each year. The temperature of the Tropical Rainforest is around 20-30 Celcius.

Layers in the Tropical Rainforest. Well the layers in the Tropical Rainforest are the height of the trees. The Tallest Trees are the Emergent Layer. They go up to 200 feet high and they get most of the sunlight and block the sunlight from going to the layers below.The next layer is where most of the wild life lives. Most of the animals have adapted to being able to live in trees at this level. The canopy layer's trees leaves are smooth oval-shaped leaves. It's very hard for rain or sunlight to get through here it's like a maze.The understory layer has 12 feet high trees and most bugs live here. The ground. Barely any sunlight or rain.

Jaguar adapted to living in tree.

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