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Bio Tech Engineer

Biotechnology Research Associate Salary by Bachelor DegreeScience in Biotechnology: $47,706-$63,001Science in Biology: $34,278-$60,917Arts in Biology: $38,000-$71,322Science in Biochemistry: $36,000-$86,282


Working Conditions

BioTech engineers usually work normal business hours, but may work long hours on projects or be available after hours if they work for a hospitalwork in offices, factories, research institutes, hospitals and rehabilitation units.

What type of work do people in this career perform?- Use living organisms to develop new products, forms of life or processes- work with genetic modification, stem cells, cloning and animal usesResponsibilities Include:consult and collaborate with doctors and other medical staffconduct research and publish the resultskeep up to date with biotechnical developmentsdesign and develop biotechnical products such as medical scanning devices, artificial body parts, drugs, computer models and softwaretest products with patients or volunteerstrain medical staff in how to use devices, and provide technical support when devices are in use.

BioTech engineers are needed to:- Heal the world with their stem cells and prosthetics- Fuel the World by using biofuels to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 52% or more.- Feed the World by genetically engineering foods like the Grapple! BioTech engineers get to help the world in really big ways. Do I want to be a BioTech Engineer? Sure, why not?

Company Industry Salary RangeGenentech, Inc. Pharmaceuticals $61,500-$185,000Merck & Co., Inc. Pharmaceuticals $55,624-$121,844Life Technologies Biotechnology $46,731-$146,807Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research Pharmaceuticals $56,460 -$127,500Pfizer, Inc. Pharmaceuticals $54,631 - $146,363

The Future...

Biotechnology Salary by Years of ExperienceEntry-level: $45,831Mid-career: $55,499Experienced: $64,443

What type of work do people in this career perform?What are the major job responsibilties?

BioTech Engineer


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