Bio-Stem Cells

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Bio-Stem Cells

Nueral Progenitors can produce cell that are related to the nueral tissue.

Stem cells have allowed scientists to replace cells that the body normaly can't replace, such as nerve cells.


Stem cells will also be able to model spinal injuries and ALS disease,allowing rapid drug screening.

Nueral Progenitors are also able to propagate quickly.

Stem cells could find numerous uses in the future, where they could possibly replace many different tissue and bone cells.

UW-Madison created Stem Cells from human and ape skin cells.

The Stem cells have been placed in newborn mice, and they havn't seem to create any defects or tumors.

The stem cells that were created have managed to resist the Sendai Virus, which can't enter a cell's DNA and can be heat-killed within 24 hours.

By producing stem cells, researchers can continue on to try to produce nueral progenitors.

IPSC(Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells) can generateCell type.

Proginator cells can produce many specialized cells



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