Bio Photosynthesis

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Bio Photosynthesis


Light Dependent Reactions

Light IndependentLight absorbed by photosystem II is used to break up water molecules into energized electrons, hydrogen ions (H+) and Oxygen.HIgh energy electrons from photosystem II move through the electron transport chain to photosystem I.Electrons released by photosystem II are energized again in photosystem I. Enzymes in the membrane use the electrons to form NADPH. NADPH is used to make sugar in the Calvin-Cycle.The inside of the tylakoid membrane fills up with positively charged hydrgen ions. This action makes the outside of the thylakoid membrane negatively charged and the inside positively charged.As hydrogen ions pass through ATP synthase, their energy is used to convert ADP into ATP

Light Independent Reactions

QuestionsWhat are the reactants of the light independent reactions?What are the products of light independent reactions?How do the products of light independent reactions contribute to the light dependent reactions?

QuestionsWhat are the reactants of the Calvin Cycle?What are the products of the Calvin Cycle?Who is the Calvin Cycle named after?

Light DependentSix Carbon Dioxide molecules are combined with Six 5-carbon molecules to produce twelve 3-carbon molecules.Energy from ATP + high- energy electrons from NADPH are used to convert the twelve 3-carbon molecules to higher energy formsTwo 3-carbon molecules are removed from the cycle to produce sugars, lipids, amino acids, and other compounds.The ten remaining 3-carbon molecules are converted back into the 5-carbon molecules, which are used in the next cycle.

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