Bio geo chemical cycle

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Bio geo chemical cycle


Water CycleThe Water Cycle has no starting point. it can begin by evaporation which is when the sun heats up the water from rivers, lakes, or ocean and turns them to vapor or steam. Then Condensation happens, its when water vapor in the air gets colld and changes back to liquid forming clouds. Percipitation begind when so many water has condensed and air cannot hold it anymore. The clouds get heavy and rain begins to from. Finally as rain pours, collection of water that falls back to earth from perciputatuin may fall back in the ocean, lakers, rivers, or land. Then the cycle starts over again.

Oxygen CyclePlants mark up the beginning of the oxygen cycle. Plants "breathe" in carbon dioxide and "breathe" out oxygen. humans and animals form the half of the ocygen cycle, we breath in oxygen. We breath in ocygen which breaks off the carbon dioxide into energy by respiration. Therefore, plants make oxygen for humans and animals to use. Then as humans convert oxygen to Carbon Dioxide, it is then used by plants again as the cycle starts over.

Sulfur CycleThe Sulfur Cycle begins in the weathering of rockes and the releasing of stored sulfur. The sulfur then comes in contact with air and Sulfate. The sulfate is then consumned by plants and other microorganism converting it into organic form that is incontact with other organism thru the food chain. As organism decay and composed, some sulfer is released and turned into sulfate.

Nitrogen Cycle80% of the air in our atmosphere is Nitrogen, your body needs nitrogen. Your body gets the nitrogen it needs to grow from food. Nitrogen enters the food chain through nitrogen fixing backteria and algea in the soil. Plants that enhances these soils are very useful because of the nitrogen fixation which enhances the soild and becomes a natural fertilizer. THe fixed nitrogen bacteria can be taken up and dissolved by water and taken by plants.The nitrates then form protein in the plants which includes it in the food chain. As plants or animals die or make waste, their nitrogen is released back to the environment that can nitrify backteriato fix nitrogen for plants.

Phosporus CycleAll Phosporus that enter the environment comes from rocks or old laid down on Earth many years ago. Weathering and erosion of rocks gradually releases phosphorus as phosphate ions which are soluble in water. Plants need phosphate as a fertilizer or nutrient. Phospates are necessary to the molecules essential to life.When plants and other waste decay from bacterias, the phrospate is released back to the environment. Then the Phosporus Cycle starts again.

Carbon CycleAll living things are made up of carbon. Our atmosphere is part carbon since its attached to gas called Carbon Dioxide. Plants use Carbon Dioxide and Photosynthesis to make food and grow. The carbon becomes part of the plant and as the pland grow and die they might turn into fossil fuels like coals. When humans burn Fossil Fuels, most carbon quickly enters the athmosphere as a carbon dioxide. Then the Carbon Cycle starts over again.

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