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Bio Gender Selection

Gender Selection


Procedure/ how


From a religious point of view gender selection is look down upon because the parents are playing God by choosing the sex of their baby. From an Ethical point of view gender selection is debated against because a lot of the fertilized embryos die during the process.

Gender selection is a fertility procedure that makes it possible for parents to choose the sex of their baby. Because either gender has specific characteristics that the parents prefer.

The procedure of sex selection was originally developed to rule out genetic diseases from embryos before they are conceived, therefore an ethical issue arises here because some doctors and biologists argue that gender is not a disease so why should it be ruled out? -The father supplies the sperm while the mother supplies a number of eggs to be extracted.- The father's sperm is used to fertilize the mother's eggs.-8-cell embryos develop three days later.-The doctors and scientists check the embryos genetic material for diseases and determine the gender.- The healthy embryos of the wanted gender are then implanted in the mother.- Birth takes place normally.

Avantages& Disadvantages

Advantages: Control of Family sizeMore time to prepare for the babies arrivalEconomical PlanningPeople go for gender selection because either one of the parents might have a genetic disease that is gender specific such as breast, ovarian cancer. Disadvantages: High costNo guaranteeThe feel of surprise is goneThe risks of sex selection are the same ones that are associated with IVF ;reactions to drugs such as; heat flushes, headaches,irritability. Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome which is when too much drugs are used to produce more eggs which can cause symptoms like stomach pain and vomiting. Ectopic pregnancy is when the embryo is developed in the fallopian tube instead of your womb.Miscarriage Multiple births

Advances:The only advances in gender selection are those related to treating gender related genetic diseases such as muscular dystrophy and hemophilia.

Regulations: There is no specific regulation for gender selection because in each country it differs. However overall most countries prohibit it for non medical reasons.


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