Bio chemistry

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Bio chemistry

6.1 Atoms Atoms are the buliding blocks of mattter. They are extremly tiny and are made up of even smaller particles called nuetrons, protons, and electrons. Which create energy levels. An element is a pure subtance that cannot be broken down into other substances by physical or chemical means. Elements are only made up of one atom! Each element have there own unique name and symbol. A compound is a pure subsance formed when two or more diffrent elements combine. Each compound has a chemical formula made up of the chemical symbols from the periodic table.

6.2 Chemical ReactionA chemical reaction is the process by which atoms or groups of atoms, substances are reorganized into diffrent substances.The way chemical reactions are formed is by chemical bonds that are broken and form chemical reactions. Most importantly you need to know that substances can undergo changes that dont involve chemical reactions. Scientists write chemical reactions by expressing each component of the reaction in a chemical equation. A chemical equation includes reactants and products. A reactant is the beginning part of the equation.

6.3 Water SolutionsWater molecules are formed by covalent bonds that link into two hydrogen and one oxygen. Water is polar and it forms hydrogen bonds. Liquid water becomes more dense as it cools to 4 degrees Celcius. A solution is another name for a homogenous mixture. A solution includes of a solvent and a solute. A solvent is where a substance in which another substance is dissolved. A solute is a substance that is dissolved in the solvent. A mixture of salt and water is an example of a solution.

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6.4 Building BlocksThe Carbon element is the component of all biological molecules. Carbon has four electrons in the outermost energy level. It also has only two energy levels. They can be joined to form carbon molecules. Most cells store tiny carbon compounds that serve for the building blocks for regularly large molecules. Which create polymers that are molecules from repeating units of identical compounds. Compounds are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in the ratio.

Biology Project

SummaryChemistry is basically the study of matter including the composition and the properties. Every organism you learn about has to do with biology and is made up of what is called matter. Matter is composed of tiny particles called atoms. Chemial reactions let living things grow, adapt, develop, and reproduce. Organisms are created by the carbon-based molecules. Due to the properties of water make it easier to maintain homeostatis in an organism.Water is considred to be a polar molecule.


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