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Cell Biology

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Bio Cell analogy

The Nucleus Urban Meyer

Endoplasmic Recticulum Carlos Hyde

CytoskeletonBraxton Miller

ChromosomesBrutus Buckeye

RibosomeOSU weight room

Urban Meyer is the nucleus of The Ohio State football team because he controls the teams operations, like the nucleus of the cell controls its operations and processes.

Braxton Miller is the cytoskeleton of the OSU football team because he provides structure to the team to keep it going and standing strong, like the cytoskeleton supports the cell and gives it shape.

Carlos Hyde transports the ball in the ground game as running back, like the rough ER transports proteins and and other substances throughout the cell.

Kenny Guiton may be the backup quarterback, but he is the powerhouse of the OSU football team.. He is a producer of energy for his teamates just as, the Mitochondria is the producer of energy within the cell.

MitochondriaKenny Guiton

The weight room is where the Players gain strenght to help their productivity on the football field. In gainig muscle mass,proteins are neccesary to increase mass gained, in comparrison to the Ribosome( which is the site of protein synthesis) proteins are used while gaining muscle.

Brutus is the chromosomes of OSU football team, because as the mascot he is the DNA of the teams identity just like the chromosomes contain D.N.A for reproduction.

VacuoleWater bottle

LysosomeRyan Shazier

The cytoplasm of the football team is the ecstatic fans that crowd into "the shoe" each saturday. They hold the team togehter and give them support through the ups, and the downs just like the cytoplasm holds the organelles in place.

The purpose of the vacuole is to store water and other essential substances. The storage of water for the football team is the water bottles. When water us needed the water bottle provides, like the vacuole to the cell.

Ryan Shaziers job on defense is to desrtoy the quaeterback at all costs. The lysosome contains digestive enzhymes that destroy the worn out cell parts and materials like Ryan Shazier anihilates the quarterback.

The Cell membrane if the OSU football team is the athletic director. As the AD he is the "gate keeper of the athletics in the recruiting and scheduling process. Job of the cell membrane is too let some thing in and some things out, acting lke the gatekeeper.

Cell membraneAthletic director

CytoplasmThe fans


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