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How does it work?

After Galileo Galilei invented the telescope in 1608, many sources credit Jan Lippershey with the invention of the first binocular instrument in December of the same year. He created his own telescope two months earlier and later in December, he put two telescopes together and created the first binocular instrument.

Advantages and Disadvantages

A pair of binoculars is a handheld optical device that is made up of two telescopes supported by a frame and thumbwheel; used to control the reflection of light and adjust the clarity of the image. Light enters the binoculars through the objective lense, reflects off of two prim lenses placed opposite each other, and then transmits through the ocular lenses into the eye. The ocular lenses are made up of three concave and two convex lenses with a concave lense for the eye to look through. The concave lenses cause the image to magnify and the combination of concave and convex lenses cause light to transmit throught the lense straight into the eye without refracting.

Binoculars have many important uses. They are used to magnify objects, people, and places from far distances which the natural eye cannot see. The uses of this optical device include birdwatching, viewing sporting events, and sightseeing. Other uses are in the police force, military force, and other law enforcment agencies to spy on the opposition or for simple magnification purposes. The light weight of the device causes it to be an efficient handheld device.

What is it used for?

Some advantages of this optical device are that they are very portable and versatile, and they have a wide field of view making them the perfect tool for bird watching, sight-seeing, and hunting. The ability to view the image with both eyes at once allows the viewer to see better, and better comprehend what they are looking at; in contrast to the limited abilities of the telescope. However, the disadvantages are that usually, better quality binoculars are often less portable and less durable as they require larger mirrors. Also, more complex binoculars 'tend to have a limited magnification compared to standard binoculars as better magnification comes with lower brightness and less portability. Telescopes usually had little compromise between quality and quantity in comparison to the binoculars.

Did You Know?The best binoculars are usually liquid filled to prevent clouding or image distortion.


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