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billy the kid

The myth of Billy the Kid being a homicidal maniac who killed over a dozen people is false. In reality he was a Regulator who killed few men independently and several with the help of others

Background:-Born Nov. 23, 1859- July 14, 1881-Henry McCarthy aka William Bonney aka Billy the Kid-Parents were Irish immigrants-Father died when he was young-Moved around(New York, Kansas, New Mexico)-Committed first crime at age 15

Myths:-He engaged in serious and heavy criminal activity-He was a captain of an outlaw gang and homicidal maniac-Wild bandit-High Tempered-Ruthless-Violent -Savage-He killed 21 people independently

Reality:-Member of the Tunstall-McSween Regulators durrng the Lincoln County war (1878-1879)-Killed about four men independently-Most notoriously known for being wanted for shooting Sheriff William (with the assistance of other regulators) and breaking deal with Lee Wallace -Captured, shot, and killed on July 14, 1881-Polite and courteous gentlemen

The differences between the myth and reality of Billy the Kid proves how our perception of the Old Wild West is overly dramatic compared to the reality.



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