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Bill Tilden

Bill Tilden was genius with a full arm of strokes, Bill Tilden reigned supreme over the world of tennis in the 1920s. He won a record seven U.S. Championships, he played on a record seven consecutive victorious American Davis Cup squads, and got the No. 1 American ranking an unprecedented 10 times. Bill Tilden was in a lot of ways larger than the game he played, he was a master strategist who wrote probing instruction books that held up to decades later. He was exeedingly tall for a player of his era, he was 6’2”, Bill Tilden was a towering figure of almost amazing greatness.

-Lived from February 10, 1893- June 5, 1953.- Took up tennis at age five- Since then has just been playing and doing very well at what he did and enjoyed himself as a tennis player.

French OpenMixed Doubles Champion 1930WimbledonSingles Champion 1920-21, 1930Doubles Champion 1927US National ChampionshipSingles Champion 1920-25, 1929Doubles Champion 1918, 1921-23, 1927Mixed Doubles Champion 1913-14, 1922-23

Bill Tilden affected the people of the 1920's becasuse he was a fanomonal tennis player and other tennis players looked up to him. He would still be an influence today, because people at that time looked to him and kept playing. Bill Tilden was a very good leader in tennis. And he put a large impact on it.

- Unknown, . "Bill Tilden. International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum (blog), (accessed April 9, 2014).- the video of Bill Tilden playing tennis)



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