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Bill Russell

I learned that no matter what happens to you in life you can still follow your dreams, just work hard enough. Bill began playing basketball when he was younger and he got good at it.Soon he became so good at basketball he was able to become a pro and didn't mind what other people said.

Some challenges Bill faced during his career were in 1964 when he had to go against Wilt Chamberlain who was a friend of his but on-court he was a nemesis, eventually the celtics won and scored a sixth consecutive victory. When his coach Auerbach retired and he took over as player coach and he lead the team into two more titles in 1968 and 1969.

Bill Russell when he was 10 years old his mother passed away but this didnt stop him from being well devoted to his studies. Outside of classroom he began to play basketball. At first though he was athletically awkward at McClymonds High School in Oakland but by senior year his game was enough to earn him a starting spot. In the fall of 1952, he tried out as a walk-on at the University of San Francisco and earned a scholarship.



Bill Russell

Bill Russell radically changed the way people thought basketball games were won. He was an amazing basketball player along with Michael Jordan which opened a debate of who was a greater basketball player later in the decade. In 2010 Russell received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the country’s highest civil honor, from President Obama.

What I Learned...

In 1980, he was named to the NBA 35th Anniversary All-Time Team. That same year, he was voted Greatest Player in the History of the NBA by the Professional Basketball Writers Association of America.

In 1970, he was named to the NBA 25th Anniversary All-Time Team. In 1974, Russell was elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.





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