Bill of Rights

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Bill of Rights

Responsibilites For Citizens in the U.S.1. Voting during elections2. Serving in a jury when asked to 3. Males from 18 to 26 have to register with the Selective Service System

The act of betraying your country, and the U.S. Constitution makes this crime punishable by death



Feeling a deep bond for your country.

Bill of Rights First ten amendments that were in the U.S. Constitution


Rights For U.S. Citizens 1. The right to vote for goverment officals 2. The right to run for office 3.The right to serve on a jury

Rights For All People In The U.S.1.The freedom of expression 2. The freedom to worship 3. The right to assemble peacefully

Showing loyalty to your flag and what the flag stands for.

Automatic Citizenship 1.Being born in the United States 2.Being born outside the U.S. with both U.S. citizen parents

Becoming A Naturalized Citizen 1. Must be 18 and have been a resident of the U.S. for atleast 5 years 2. Must speak English, have good character, take a civics test and an interview 3. Taking the Oath Of Allegiance, which is showing loyalty to the United States

Responsibilities For Everyone in the U.S.Obeying laws is one important responsibility that everyone must follow.


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