Bill of Rights

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Bill of Rights

3rd Amendment

2nd Amendment

This amendment allows for everyone accused of a crime can have a fast trial in the state that the crime was committed by an unknown jury. They also can be confronted by their witnesses against them, have a witness in their defense; know the reason for him being accused, and have the right to a lawyer.

6th Amendment

By:Karli Baioni

1st Amendment

5th Amendment

This amendment prohibits a person to have to say anything on the stand that could be used against themselves in a court of law.

4th Amendment

The Bill of Rights

7th Amendment

8th Amendment

10th Amendment

9th Amendment

This amendment allows the power not given to the United States, or to the States respectively, shall be delegated to the people.

This amendment allows us to have a well-controlled military to be a free country, and gives us the right to own a weapon.

This amendment allows a person to be taken to civil court if they have an unpaid fine of $20 or more and to have a jury present and all evidence shall be present in the court at the time of the trial.

This amendment prohibits excessive bail, fines, and cruel and unusual punishments.

This amendment allows everyone the freedom of Speech, freedom of Religion, freedom of Press, and the freedom to Assemble.

This amendment allows there to be more rights given to a person that has not been stated in the Bill of Rights.

Allows teens to explore different religions to find the one that works for them, The right to speak their mind without fear of getting in trouble

If a teen lends $ to someone and they refuse to pay it back, they can take to court

A teen cannot be questioned without a parent presented

A teen driving a car cannot be searched unless a high authority figure has cause to do so

If a teen is charged of a crime they have a right to a unbiased jury

If a solider is 18 years of age they can't themselves into someone elses home.

When a person is 18+ they can choose to protect themselves by owning a gun.Allows children to use guns for hunting

If a teen is suspected of committing a crime they can be released on bail until their trial

As a citizen you have certain unalienable rights under the Constitution

Your opinion counts

This amendment prohibits a solider living in someone’s home without agree of the homeowner, not even during a war, but set by law.

This amendment prohibits an authority figure from unreasonable searches and seizers of a person’s privacy, houses, and papers. Unless, a warrant is given to the authority figure to be presented to the ‘criminal’ before a search is completed.


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