Bill of Rights

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Social Studies
American History

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Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights

-Ben Sneathen

1st Ammendment

The first ammendet is very important to have in this country, because if we can speak freely then we aren't free.

2nd Ammendment

The second ammendmet protects our right to own weapons and protect ourselves, if we lost this right it says there would be horrible conciquences

3rd Ammendment

The 3rd ammedent is here to proect us from having to house troops like colonials did with redcoats.

4th ammendment

7th ammendment

The 4th ammendent is what protects us from police searches and seizure without proper reason

5th ammendmet

this protects people accused of a crime so they dont get screwed over.

6th ammendment

the 6th ammedmet protects people accused of crimes, but has more to dowith court issues.

this provides a trial by jury for any case over 20$ in civil cases

8th ammedment


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