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Bill of Rights Project

The First Amendment states the rules against descrimination and a government other than democratic. It states that there will be no laws made that do not allow a certain religion. limit the freedom of speech, and limit the freedom of the press.

5th Amendment

The second amendment gives people the right to "bear arms", or to carry around guns, or arms, reguardless of being in a militia. This rule has some exceptions, but is mostly straightforward. People can only use these for self defense, though, and not for violence.

The fifth amendment was put into the bill of rights so that the government could not abuse it's power. It says that no person should be held acountable for a crime unless under a jury, no person should be held accountable for a crime twice (double jeopardy) and no person should have their liberty taken away from them without a trial or reason.

4th Amendment

The fourth amendment is about violating people's privacy rights. It states that no one, not a police officer or another type of law enforcer, may enter another persons house without a warrant and a good reason. They created this rule to increase the privacy of Americans and make then feel safer.

The sixth amendment protects the rights of people convicted for a crime. They are allowed to have a quick trial, which means not waiting in a jail cell, while convicted, for a long time. It also says that they can have a public trial. They also have the right to find out why they are being held, and to call anyone they want, and the person will be forced to come. Lastly, it states that the jury cannot be biased or prejudice.

Bill Of Rights

1st Amendment

2nd Amendment

8th Amendment

The eighth amendment provents an excessive penalty of any kind while convicted or in jail. It provents the use of excessive bail, excessive fines or cruel and unusual punishments, including torture. The court also ruled that this amendment would apply to states also.

6th Amendment


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