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Bill Martin Jr.

*During World War II, Bill Martin Jr. served in the Air Force as a newspaper editor, which is when he wrote his first book, "The Little Squeegy Bug". *"Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" was written on a train in 15 minutes.

Bill Martin Jr. was born in 1916 in Hiawatha, Kansas. Growing up, he was unable to read. He fooled all of his teachers thorughout school. He did not read a book in its entirety until his first year of college. However, his first positive experience with reading was in 5th grade. He recalled his teacher, Miss Davis, reading at least two books a day. He credits her with the desire to write books because he claimed that she read the voice of the story, not just the text. He wanted to write stories with the same strong voice. He went on to study at Emporia State University. He became an elementary teacher, and later a principal. From there, he became an editor at Holt, Rinehart, and Winston. He decided he wanted to devote his life to children's books and moved to East Texas in 1993. He passed away in 2004, in his small town in Texas.

Bill Martin Jr.

Bill Martin Jr. has been on the Best Sellers List several times. He has a library on Texas A&M Commerce named after him. He also has an award in Kansas named after him for the best picture book of the year.




"A blessed thing happened to me; I had a teacher read to me."

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"I don't write books. I talk them."


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