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Bill Gates

Bill Gates

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Bill Gates's house

Who Is Bill Gates?A boy who was a computer geniusThe inventor of MicrosoftThe richest man in the world with $50 billionA man who gave billions to worthy causesBuilt his own dream houseA man married to Melinda FrenchA man who loves reading, playing tennis and the card game bridgeAll of the above!!!

Bill Gates has donated to 22 worthy causes, giving a range of $1.5 billion-$17.5 million

Bill Gates was born in Seattle, WA on October 28, 1955 and is still living.

When Bill Gates was a child, he went to a school that had a teletype computer. Right away he started programming it. When he was in college, he decided to drop out to work on computer programming with his friend Paul Allen. They made a company called Micro-Soft because they were making micro computers with micro software. The name later just evolved to just Microsoft. Microsoft became the huge company that we know today.

Bill Gates

When Bill Gates was a child, he never was a social person. He started reading encyclopedias and other reference books. His parents became concerned that he would become a loner, so they enrolled him in Seattle's Lakeside School. There Bill found a friend who shared his enthusiasm for computer programming. They worked together for a while and developed Microsoft together.



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