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Bill Gates

Bill Gates was born in 1955, and in 1970 start Traf-o-Data, which he stopped after entering Harvard in 1973. In early 1974 he left Harvard to join Honeywell with a friend, that did not work out, he ended up starting up Microsoft in 1975. Mid 1976 was the time when he wrote a open letter to computer hobbyists to use microsoft systems. with the start of 1977 he sued the owner of MITS to get the rights for the work he did for them. In 1978 he had decided to move the company back home in Bellevue, Washington and with that the company grossed 2.5 Million US dollars. In 1980 IBM and Microsoft partnered up for an OS. 1981 Was the year Bill Gates decided together with his friend and partner Paul Allen to incorporate Microsoft, later that year their revenue totaled a massive 16 million. 1983 was a heart wrenching time for Bill, his long time friend Paul had been diagnosed with Hodgkins and left Microsoft. 1985 marked the date Windows was launched, making Microsoft's share worth 21 dollars in 1986. In 1987 Bill became the world's youngest billionaire. Microsoft launched Office with word and excel in 1989. Then in 1990 was subject to strings of FTc and Justice Dep. investigations. In 1994 he got married to Melinda and his mother died of breast cancer. He took a break in 1995 to get a new perspective in life as his daughter was born in early 1996. In 2000 Bill and his wife started the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and stepped down from day to day operations in Microsoft. In 2006 he was transitioning out of Microsoft and into the foundation, 2008 marked his last year in Microsoft for a full day.


1955 - Born1970 - Started Traf-o-Data1973 - Entered Harvard1974 - Left to join Honeywell1975 - Started Microsoft1976 - Wrote an open letter to computer hobbyists1977 - Sued new owner of MITS to get software rights for their work1978 - moved company back Bellevue and company grossed 2.5 million1980 - IBM and Microsoft1981 - Microsoft incorporated and revenue hit 16 million1983 - Went global, Paul Allen diagnosed with Hodgkin's and left Microsoft1985 - Windows was Launched1986 - Microsoft went public at $21 per share1987 - Became a Billionaire1989 - Microsoft Office launched with Word, and Excel 1990 - subject to string of FTC and Justice Dep. investigations1994 - Married Melinda, his mother died of breast cancer1995 - Traveled around the world to get new perspective in life1996 - First daughter wsa born2000 - Formed Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, stepped down from day to day operations at Microsoft2006 - transitioning into full time into Foundation2008 - Last full day at Microsoft

Started Microsoft which is world's largest software business.Became one of the richest men in the world.Started the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Lasting Impact

Has given us Windows which is the standard pc software, and started the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which helps children around the world.


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