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Bill Gates

Ever since he was young, Bill has had a great interest in computers. To be successful he has had to overcome many challenges and problems, both as a businessman and and as an entrepreneur. When his business first started up he worked 18 hours a day 7 days a week. This commitment allowed his business to thrive early on and because of this people then invested in his company. His intelligence also contributed a great deal towards his success as seen in him borrowing ideas or staff from other companies. Doing this allowed him to create the products MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows. He is also successful because of his charity work. He and his wife Melinda created their own charity and he has donated over 28 billion USD and will continue to gice until he has given 95% of his wealth.

Area of Success


Bill Gates

Why is he Successful?


Bill Gates, arguably one of the most success people in history has created one of the most successfulbusinesses ever. Together he and Paul Allen createdMicrosoft from the ground up and it is now one of themost successful companies today. He has ‘two faces’, one is a businessman who makes smart marketing and promotional decisions and on the other hand is a ‘computer geek’ who understands how the computers need to run and what to do with them. This allows him to be a better boss and business man as he can solve some errors that he is happening not just some ‘fat cat’ who rolls in a big pay-check at the end of the month.

Some key qualities of being a good entrepreneur include:-Having a broad vision/scope of what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it.-Always having a backup plan if things go wrong.-Knowing how to reach potential consumers and provide them with what they want.-Being good with money. Some small finacial loss (e.g. cutting down your salary) for a lot of long term gain. If you play your 'cards' right then you are on the fast track to becoming a highly successful entrepreneur and businessman.-Getting well established and getting your name out there. If you do not do this, then how is anyone going to know who or what you are.-One of the most important aspects is to have a passion in what ever field you wish to join. If you do not have a passion, then how do you expect to succeed in it.Finally commitment is extremely important as establishing a business takes a lot of manpower and a lot of hours.




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