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Bill Clinton

The Presidency of Bill Clinton1993-2001

Brief Biography>Born in August 19, 1946 in a middle class family.>Graduated from Yale in 1973.>Teacher carier in Law Institute of the University of Arkansas.>1974 Ran for Congress of his home state of Arkansas, but lost.>1976 took post of Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Arkansas.>1978 won the gubernatorial elections and became the youngest state governor(32 years old) for 11 years.

Foreign PolicyPhilosophy:*Focused on regional overseas conflicts ->Crisis on the Balkans peace agreement 1995 ->Conflict in Kosovo 1996* Strategy: strength, peace, and open trade ->NAFTA-North American Free Trade Agreement 1994 (Mexico+Canada+USA) -High expectations, poor outcome ->NATO enlargement

The Election of 1992Bill Clinton 43%George Bush 37,4%Ross Perot 18,6%>Was able to convey to his audience the basic idea - the need for change.>Inauguration on January 20, 1993>In 1996 was reelected for the second term

Legacy- Lewinsky Scandal -Impeachment- Economic Expansion- New Jobs- Homeownership- Unemployment- Crime Rate - Police - Gun Laws- Poverty- Government Spending-Rwanda

Domestic PolicyEconomic Needs-Unemployment-Runaway Deficit-Healthcare Crisis-Welfare ReformStrong American Economy-NAFTA-Tax increase to mostly upper class-Gov't spending cuts

The Lewinsky Affair-White House intern Monica LewinskyImpeachement by HOR:-Lying under oath-Obstruction of justice-Abuse of powersAquitted by the Senate


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