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Bilingual Education


Bilingual Education

America has a long history of enforcing English in schools and for citizenship. In 1889, the first laws were passed requiring that students, ages 8-14 learn in English. Reform for the education of non-English speaking students was not limited to one language but to many ethnic groups, including but not limited to Native American, Germans, Polish, and Chinese. Due to WWII, distrust of immigrants grew. Many states In 1958, the National Defense Act provided funds to ESL programs in schools. More laws were created to define how schools, districts and states were accountable for the educational needs of the students. But in 2000, Arizona eliminated bilingual education, in favor of SEI programs.

LEP/Limited English Proficiency:persons who are unable to communicate effectively in English because their primary language is not English and they have not developed fluency in EnglishSEI/Structured English Immersion program: Students receive little to no classroom instruction in their native language and focus is on learning English.Dual Language Programs: combines students from two language groups for instruction in both of their languages.Home language: Primary language used at home and identified on language surveyParaprofessional: A teacher aide that clarifies materials to students in primary language

The two way bilingual immersion program has two main formats. The 50/50 format involves equal amounts of time spent teaching students in English and the second language at all grades. According to, in the 90/10 programs, "90% of instruction in the first year or two is in the partner language and 10% in English." The two way bilingual immersion program enables native and non-native speakers to learn a second language at a higher efficiency. Along with language efficiency, stdents will gain patience, listening skills, positive cultural awareness.

% Statistics in States with Banned Bilingual Programs

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