[2015] Ray Larimore: Bilbo Baggins: A Journey Through Film

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[2015] Ray Larimore: Bilbo Baggins: A Journey Through Film

Bilbo Baggins: A Journey Through Film

Bilbo's next film credit came in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Bilbo was now played by Ian Holm, the voice of Frodo Baggins in 1977's The Hobbit. Holm created a version of Bilbo that was both loyal to the original novel and memorable to audiences.

Bilbo played an important role in Jackson's introduction to the first film in his trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring. The character can be seen at the end of the introduction, which brings the audience into Tolkien's storyline while creating a clean cut from the introduction to the main plot of the film.

Bilbo's first renowned appearence on screen came in 1977 in Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin Jr.'s animated feature adaptation of The Hobbit. Bilbo was voiced by Orson Bean, and while the film garnered some acclaim it failed to prevail the test of time.

The latest film version of Bilbo can be seen in Jackson's latest trilogy adapted from Tolkien's The Hobbit. Bilbo in his younger years is now played by Martin Freeman, an actor that brings a multi-faceted persoanlity to the now well known film character. Thanks to Jackson's films Bilbo will remain relevant to film while continuing to be a beloved character known to people around the world.

Bilbo Baggins has always been a major component of Tolkien's work, as such he has been transformed and recreated to suit the film adaptations of his work.


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