[2016] Maggie Kinsella (Russell 124): Big Nate

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[2016] Maggie Kinsella (Russell 124): Big Nate

This book is about a boy named Nate. Nate woud usaully try and make the teachers do something fun in class.He is not the person that gets A’s. But Nate doesn’t really care. He just really likes a girl named Jenny. But she doesn’t like him. Jenny likes a kid Aurthor. So Nate tries to just think about his grades to get her off his mind. It works but he still gets bad grades and he has to go to summer school to get his grades up. He meets a new girl in summer school and he started to like summer school. Nate wants to impress her so he says he is here to help the kids. She found out but she still likes Nate so much she didn't even care. So know their boyfriend and girlfriend.

I think this book is a good book for me because I really like comics. My favorite part was when Nate found a girlfriend and found out they had a lot in comin. So they fell in love. I think other kids would like this because of how funny it is.


Nate is the main character and his two best friends he always hangs out with. His older sister and his parents. His girlfriend that hangs out with Nate and his friends. Also Jenny, Nates dream girlfriend but not anymore. And finaly Mr. Rosa the teacher that helped Nate with his problem with Jenny.


The first setting is at school in Mrs .Godfrey's classroom. The second setting takes place at Nates house with his friends and girlfriend.


Author: Lincoln Peirce

RecomendationsI think this book would be good for a person that like comics.

Big Nate!!!

This is Jenny, Natesdream girlfriend.

This is Nate

This is Nates homeroom teacher, witch Nate thinks is mean.

These are Nates best friends, he hangs out with them all the time

This is a grade Nate would get.

The theme of this book is to not lie.


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