[2015] Devin Lamb: Big Mouth and Ugly Girl

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[2015] Devin Lamb: Big Mouth and Ugly Girl

The theme of this novel is to not give up on people just because people give up on you. The theme shows you don't need to be discouraged just because of what you look like and physical appearances shouldn't effect how you feel or view someone. I have had this happen to me before. When I was little i was a little chubby and everyone made fun of me for it. These comments effected how I saw people and how rude and savage people can be. Then I realized that it was really only one person and the rest followed due to peer preasure.

Text to World

1. Big Mouth (Matt Donaghy)Matt hoped to be featured in the Spring Arts Festival as a writte. He had written a couple stories but one was his favorite, William Wilson: A Case of Mistaken Identity. "He'd been working on his one-act play William Wilson: A case of Mistaken Identity longer than his friends knew."(pg.4) He had a repretation of being brainy and a perfectionist. He was the class clown and very funny. Through out the story Matt starts to doubt his talent as a writter but Ursula aids him to follow his dreams to be featured in The New York Times magazine. "This was so excellent, I urged him to send it to The New York Times's op-ed page."(pg.256)

Character Descriptions

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Rating out of Five - 3/5The auther Joyce Carol Oates has a very strange writting style. She changes from characters perspectives and has very short chapters. Her writting style sometimes got a little confusing because so many things were going on at once. Then it would switch to a different character to explain it all again in their perspective. She did a very good job of describing the characters, their strengths and their weaknesses. The plot was very strange and felt very out there for me. It seemed like she couldn't really think of anything else. The pace of the book was some what fast and sometimes confusing to were I had to read it several times. I enjoyed the book I just wish it was a little slower and not as confusing.

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Big Mouth & Ugly Girl

Joyce Carol Oates

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The book Big mouth and Ugly girl takes place at a high school in New York, Westchester county to be specific. The high school was called Rocky River high. This story takes place in the early 2000's because email is still the main communication source. The school is a significant location because Matt (Big Mouth) was accused of faking a bomb attack on the school. "What's the type that does this stuff? Blow up schools? The shy quiet type. Y'know-repressed."(pg.27). The two main characters rooms, Ursula (Ugly Girl) and Matt (Big mouth). They would send emails back and forth to each other. "Dear Ursula, Thank you for the other day. Your friend Matt."

Six Word Story

The words people say can hurt.

2. Ugly Girl (Ursula Riggs)Ursula was a tall women, six foot one to be exact, who was a bit on the heavy side. She had dirty blonde hair and was extremely good at sports. Especially basketball, "I wasn't what you'd call a team player. I was out to score, and I scored." (Pg.9). She was jerk to everyone and she had her reasons to be. Everyone called her Ugly Ursula behind her back. So she egnolaged that by calling herself Ugly Girl. Now Ugly Girl was confident and did not care about anything, but Ursula Riggs cried when people called her names. " Not that any of you saw me cry, nobody ever saw Ugly Girl cry."(pg.8). She told herself that she didn't believe in boyfriends or liking someone. This would change by the end of the book when she falls for Matt Donaghy.


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