Big Management Extinction

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Big Management Extinction

BigManagement Extinction


Not knowing the type of managment style to use for the type of executive role you move into in your career. Careful consideration and a needs assessment should be performed before assuming the type of leadership a company needs.

Transactional Leadership Traits

Transformational Leadership Critique

Transformational Leadership

Transactional Leadership Example

All Leaders need to understand the different styles of leadership and how they will be percieved by their peers, and their subordinates. By displaying pseudo and transactional behaviors one's perception and value is deminished. This also is a short lived style of leadership and leads to the extinction of an individuals style of management.

Evolutionary importance

pseudo-transformational leadership

1. Demanding obedience from others, but not practicing what they preach2. Performing duties so that other people will notice and honour them3. Making it difficult for other people to Shine4. Following the letter of the law but violating the spirit of the law 5. Preoccupied with appearing to be a Great Leader

5 Warnings of Pseudo!

Transformational LeadershipVideo


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