Big Mama

by eevvee
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Planets & Astronomy

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Big Mama

Something Created The Universe

That's Right:Something did, in fact, create our universe. We call this event the Big Bang. The Big Bang happened about 15 billion years ago. Back then, the universe didn't even exist. Not even light, space, or time. The billionth of a trillionth of a second that the Big Bang exploded started the very first stuff.

Edwin Hubble:He discovered that the universe was slowly, but surely expanding. With this he came up with the theory that the universe must've started at a single point and exploded into existance. We call this the Big Bang.

Check out this cool graph

Imperfection is important and good Hmm...

What would our universe be like without the Big Bang?

That's a great question, but without the Big Bang or imperfection nothing would exist



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