Big Bro Bromine

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Big Bro Bromine

Big Bro Bromine

Physical PropertiesClassification: non-metalState of Matter: LiquidBoiling Point: 58.8CMelting/Freezing Point: -7.3CColor: deep-reddish brownOther: dissolves well in organic liquids

Basic InformationChemical name: BromineChemical Symbol: BrAtomic Mass: 79.904Protons and Electrons: 35Atomic Number: 35Number of Shells/Orbitals: 7Valence Electrons: 7

Historical/Interesting FactsDiscoverers: Carl Lowig and Antione J. BalardWhat does it mean: bromos means "stench"Other interesting facts:1) Bromine belongs in the Halogen family2) The odor of bromine is intense and highly irritating to the eyes and lungs

Uses/Dangers- Bromine causes damage to the environment so is banned in some countries. - Cleans pools and is less likely to irritate skin.- If inhaled or swallowed, it can damage the respiratory system and digestive system and can even cause death.

Sources of ElementBromine is too reactive to exist as a free element in nature.Some compounds that my element forms:1) Sodium Bromide (NaBr)2) Potassium Bromide (KBr)

Superhero Powers( Big Bro does this for good)- Attacks: can shoot poisonous fireballs that can make you severely ill or die.- Defenses: has a deadly shield that reflects back when it has been shot, can disappear in a cloud of red dust when enemies are attacking.


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