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Biff Loman has his flaws. He steals from his employers and he can't hold onto a job. However, he is the only one in the story that shows any form of character development. He knows what he wants in life, and he knows what makes him happy. Willy asks for so much of him, and although Biff gives it his best, he knows he cannot follow his father's dream.

The oldest son of Willy and Linda Loman. He was a star in high school, but it seems like it was never meant to last. Now, at 34, he does not want what his father wants for him. He wants a simple, basiclifestyle where he can relax and not have to worry. His brother having a different idea.

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Biff Loman

I'm just what I am, that's all.

His character development begins to shine when he breaks down in front of his father and family. Biff repeats overand over again that he is nothing, that he isnot successful, that he is not whathis father wanted him to become. He differs from Happy, because he chases his own dream. Biff is a character who shows that the commonlyknown American Dream is not for everyone.Biff demonstrates that it is not about themoney or the recognition, it is about being satisfied with what you do. The audienceends up loving Biff because he is real, and he is the only one that the audience canrelate to. Biff teaches the audience that one must not jump to conclusionsand think that someone has the samedreams as you. He teaches people to notforce their dreams on others. Biff was wake and chasing his dream,while everyone else tried to please each other.

Men built like we are should be working out in the open.

Let Me Go - Haim- when Biff asks for Willy to let him go and to let go of his "phony" dream -

Amsterdam - Imagine Dragons- What Biff feels when he tries to please his parents, Willy specifically, but it does not work out. -


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