Bienvendios a Antigua, Guatemala

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Bienvendios a Antigua, Guatemala

Let's learn how to...MLE4.CU1C Identify selected symbols and landmarks of target cultures.MLE4.INT1B Comprehend simple, culturally authentic announcements, messages, and advertisements.

Tuk Tuks--sólo una manera divertida de moverse Antigua!

Vocabulario:Volcán: volcanoCiudad: cityIglesia: churchMontaña: mountainRuinas: ruinsAeropuerto: airportAvión: airplaneParque: parkSelva: jungleHormiga: ant

Tortillas de maiz, aguacates, limon, y sal--una típica comida de después de la escuela estudiantes Guatemaltecos

Quieres ver hormigas MUY grandes de Guatemala? Mira por encima!Quieres ver la vista del volcán Pacaya, un volcán de actividad cerca de Antigua? Mira por debajo!

Músicos Mayas que tocan instrumentos en los calles de Antigua

"La Merced" es una iglesia catolica muy popular de Antigua

Hola, clase!For this unit, we are going to learn about Antigua, Guatemala. This beautiful city is near Guatemala's capital, Ciudad de Guatemala. In fact, it served as the country's capital for many years! Not only is this place interesting for its history, but it's also very mysterious. It is in the heartland of the ancient Mayan civilization, surrounded by volcanos and constant stormy clouds.Watch the videos to experience Antigua for yourself! Also, be sure to check the bottom of the poster for vocabulary and assignment instructions. --Sra. Meg

Bienvenidos a Antigua, Guatemala

Now it's your turn! In your groups, you will be making your very own Glog to teach the class about one aspect of Guatemalan culture. This may be traditional foods, music, architecture, people groups, clothing, etc. Your Glog should include at least 3 images, a background, at least one video, and at least 3 paragraphs explaining your topic. These do not need to be in Spanish. We will go over this assignment more in class, but you should take time to become familiar withglogster. Your glog should have a link to your kidblog, on which each group memeber should write at least one paragraph in Spanish about your aspect of culture.

Do you think you would get to see parts of Antigua, like the famous Santa Catalina arch, without technology?


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