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Environmental Studies

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Bicycle Rac

Bicycle Rack

On the tour, Dean Lisa spoke about how the new dorm building, named building B for the moment, will have a bike rack on the inside of the dorm building so students and staff will be able to ride their bikes to work or class. We need to spread the word to keep that section of the new dorm for bikes! Benefits? Not only will students and staff have a healthier lifestyle, but it will also be very helpful to the environment so grab your helmets!

How is riding a bike helpful to the environment?1) Riding a bike doesn;t use fuel2) Bikes do not require motor oil or toxic batteries

Sensored lights are very beneficial to the environment because it is saving energy. On our tour we learned how our new dorm building, Alumni Hall, has sensored lights in the hallways, they also have sensored lights in the library and academic buildings. This means the lights will only turn on if it senses someone in the hall and when no one is in the hall, the lights turn off. This saves so much energy which is so beneficial to the environment.

"Brita® Hydration Station® is a recessed-mounted, CSA certified, touch-free, hygienic, water dispenser that allows users to enjoy the benefits of great-tasting water"- Brita Haws CorporationBenefits? You are refilling your water bottle rather than constantly throwing away plastic. Many people use the metal water containers since it is more friendly for the environment!

How can we be environ-mentally friendly?

"National and world events compound the realization that current ways of operating cannot be susatined. Human beings are running out of available resources changing the climate, polluting the air and water, and reproducing too quickly."(Pg. 1) - Winter and Koger"67% of North Americans agree that environmental conditions are worsening (Saad, 2007), only 28% say they have made major lifestyle changes to protect the environment , and only 55% made soe minor changes (J.M. Jones, 2008)." (Pg. 1)- WInter and Koger

Sensored Lights

What's a hydration station?

Reduce,Reuse, Recycle

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