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"The world was very great, as geography taught, but it had no space for children. Adults owned all its five parts. They were in charge of history, rode horseback, hunted, commanded ships, smoked, made real things, fought, loved, rescued, kidnapped, played chess... And the children were standing in the corners." L. Kassil

"Split Of The Calendar"(war prose)








"Mastery turns a worker into a magician" L. Kassil

"The Black Book and Schwambrania"This is a Paradise for adventure lovers, brave sailors and explorers. It embodies the children's imagination, inspired by the works by F. Cooper and Jules Verne, as well as the reality of Russia in the early XX century.

"The Goalkeeper of the Republic"It’s a novel, one of the first in the USSR works on a sports theme. After writing in 1937 the novel was published in the USSR and other countries. At the same time the black-and-white feature film "The Goalkeeper”, based on the novel, was released (1936).

"Cheremysh - brother of the hero" The main character Gena Cheremysh raised in an orphanage, is dreaming about an elder brother.

"The Great Opposition"In this story the writer speaks to his reader about the choice of path in life, how to percieve happiness, how to search and achieve it.This is a story about the spiritual maturation of the girl called Sima Kunitsyna.


"Your Defenders"A collection of stories about the heroes of the Great Patriotic war.

"My Dear Boys"This is a book about children who had to replace fathers during the Great Patriotic war in the rear.


"The Younger Son's Street"This story is about the life and death of Volodya Dubinin, a young partizan, who fought in the city of Kerch. The book was awarded with The State Prize in literature in 1951.

"The Early Sunrise"This is a book about the young artist killed by a religios fanatic.


"Be prepared, Your Highness!"This book tells about the life in the Soviet pioneer camp, friends and friendship, and a young prince from a faraway country Jungahora, who turns out to be just an ordinary boy.


"The Man Who stepped Towards Stars"The story offers a bright portrait of our famous scientist K.Tsiolkovsky, and his wonderful inventions that opened the way to stars.

"The New Century's People"The book consists of short stories about L. Kassil's contemporaries: V. Chkalov, V. Mayakovsky, M. Gorky.



"The White Queen's Move"It's the first novel on the sport theme.The novel tells about a young skier Natasha Skuratova, the winner of the Winter International Olympiad in Italy. She receives the honorary title of "the White Queen." This victory is not easy for the girl. Natasha is talented by nature, but she stubbornly does not want to apply new skiing techniques and constantly quarrels with her coach. There is one unsolved mistery between the coach and Natasha.


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