[2013] Michaela Howell: Biblical Group 1 (2)

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[2013] Michaela Howell: Biblical Group 1 (2)

To be punished for hiding from God, a massive storm was brought upon Jonah and his shipmates. Upon realizing Jonah was the cause, the other crew members threw him overboard, where he was then swallowed by the whale.

Joseph was his father's favorite of many sons. When Jacob awarded Joseph with the coat, his other sons' jealousy took action..

King Solomon was known as one of the wisest kings. When two women were fighting over a child, he had a clever solution to their problem..

Samson's lover deceived him in his sleep. The cutting of his hair made him lose his strength, a gift from God.

Job's story consists of suffering, a challenge from God, and an answer from the Lord.

Armageddon is where the final battle will occur. The end of all time.



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