Biblical Allusions

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Biblical Allusions

Biblical Allusions

Pilgrim's ProgressThis Christian book follows a man named Christian on his Journey from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City, or Mt. Zion. Like Job he must maintain his faith during his hardships and continue praying to god for guidance. He is guided by a Spitit that leads him through the obstacles on his journey and eventually helps him earn passage into Zion.

Judas Iscariot/ Kiss of DeathJudas was one of Jesus's twelve deciples. However, He betrayed Jesus on the night of the last supper by showing the soldiers which man was Jesus. He was payed 30 silver peices to kiss Jesus on the cheek letting the soldiers know that that was the Son of God.

Story of JobThe Story of Job is one of suffering and a test of faith. Job is being tested by God, and God gives Satan permission to basically torture Job. He takes away Job’s fields and herds and yet Job still prays to God for help. Satan then takes away his health but is told to keep him alive, he spreads a painful disease about Job’s body, yet he still cries out for God to help him in his worst times. God shows himself to Job to tell him that he can rule the universe and that Job doesn’t need to tell him how after an angry remark Job made. After this action the test is finished and Job kept his faith in God and never stopped believing.

ArmageddonIt is a sequence of events that will lead to the final battle of armageddon. When the seven seals are broken seven angles will appear with seven trumpets. When the sixth trumpet is blown; seven more angels with vials of god's wraith will appear. When the sixth vial is poured into the Euphrates the forces of Satan are released. When the seventh vial is poured, Jesus Christ and the wraith of heaven desend to fight to determine the fate of the Earth.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, And the WardrobeA character that alludes to Judas is Edmond. He is a follower of Aslan, but he is bribed by the Ice Queen to betray his family, friends, and Aslan. His actions inevitably led to Aslan's public execution, much like the death of Jesus. Harry PotterIn these films it come to light that one of the characters, Pettigrew, betrayed his friends James and Lily, the parents of Harry Potter, by telling Voldemort where to find them.

Grapes of Wraith by John StienbeckThe Joad family goes on a journey through the United States Great Depression. They go from their home in search of a better life. They must maintain their faith and avoid temptaion to make a better life. Lord of the RingsFrodo must go on a journey to destroy the ring so that they can weaken the enemy and so that he can better his life. There are many challenges that he and his friends must overcome, and they must make sacrifices and keep their faith.

Grapes of Wraith by John Stienbeck This novel follows the Joad family, who were rich, secure, and successful, but lose everything like Job and can only survive on strength and spirit.Pirates of The Caribbean: the Dead Man's Chest The character's in this movie all lost their previous way of life and hunt for the Chest in hope that it can return them to the life that the knew. Like Job they must maintain faith in the thing that they pray will be their salvation

The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allen PoeThe Trumpets at the end of the story show the character's salvation, but they open the gates for more chaos and violence.Lake of Fire by NirvanaThis song by Nirvana makes many alusions to the battle of Armageddon. The name of the song for instance, is the place in which the devil and his demons shall be cast for one millenium after the battle. Also one of the versus says" While the angels and the devils try to make them their own". this alludes to the battle itself.


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