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-Men's Sprint-Women's Sprint-Men's Pursuit-Women's Pursuit-Men's Individual-Women's Individual-Men's Mass Start-Women's Mass StartAll races involve cross country skiing a certain distance (usually laps of a course) and shooting multiple times in both standing and laying down position. Penalties for not hitting targets can be either time or distance added.Qualification for the Olympics is based on performance at the World Cup, World Championships, or open European competitions - times must be less than 20% behind average time of top 3 finishers

Biathlon events at Sochi 2014


In Greek, BIATHLON means "two tests" ... this sport is a combination of x-country skiing and rifle shooting

How did it start?

This sport has origins in both Norway (as military training for the border patrol) and Scandanavia (a common hunting technique). It was first contested in 1924, but countries disagreed on rules. It finally became an official Olympic sport in 1950, and women began participating in 1992

But it wouldn't have happened without this guy, Sven Thofelt!

Doping scandal:At the 2006 winter olympics, Olga Pyleva of Russia was stripped of her silver metal for a positive drug test for stimulant carphedon. This event opened up a bigger issue involving widespread, systematic doping on the Russian team. This raised awareness to the olympic committee and testing became more thorough.

Born in Sweden, Sven Thofelt served as the president of the biathlon committee for 20 years and helped standardize the rules that hold today

PREPARATION FOR OLYMPICS: Cardiovascular training - ie. rowing, running, cycling - as well as mental focus and breath training by swimming, target practice

Canadian Spotlight:Jean-Philippe Le Guellec

-J. P Le Guellec, age 29-Began competing in 1999, joined national team in 2003-In 2010 Vancouver Olympics, he finished 6th in the 10-km sprint - top Olympic result of Canadian male in biathlon EVER-At 2014 Sochi Olympics, he finished 5th, beating his record from the last Olympics - only 9.3 seconds behind leader

By: Hannah Bauer

So how did it start?

But it wouldn't have happened without this guy, Sven!

Canadian Spotlight: Jean-Phillippe Le Guellec

-Jean-Phillippe Le Guellec, age 29-Began competing in 1999, joined national team in 2003-in 2010 Olympics, finished 6th in 10-km sprint - top Olympic result of any Canadian male in biathlon ever -In Sochi, finished 10-km sprint in 5th, only 9.3 seconds behind leader

See his awesome Vancouver race right here!

Other Canadian Results at Sochi 2014!


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