Białowieza National Park

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Białowieza National Park


European bison

The National Park is situated in the north-east part of Poland, in podlaskie voivodeship. The Park covers the central part of Białowieża Forest.

Białowieża National Park protects the best preserved fragment of Białowieża Forest – last natural forest at the European Lowland Area, having the primaeval character, identical with the one which covered the area of deciduous and coniferous forests years ago. The characteristic feature of the park is its biological diversity. The Park comprises, inter alia, 809 vascular plants species, over 3 thousand cryptogams and fungi species, almost 200 moss species and 283 lichen species. There have been more than 8 thousand invertebrates species, approximately 120 species of breeding birds and 52 mammal species.

Białowieża National Park

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Białowieza Forest


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