Bhola Cyclone

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Bhola Cyclone

The northern part of the end of the Bay of Bengal was very shallow, which then creates a funnel for a huge surge from the strong tropical cyclones, moving north or northeast into the low-lying areas of land. Along the coast of Begal, there were many small 'arms' of water that was forced into the land along the cyclone's path. Along with the rising sea levels and the expected change in climate, the vunerability of the certain locations (prone) to flooding, would most likely get worse.

When did the Event Occur? Where did it Travel?The cyclone started on November 7, 1970 and ended on November 13, 1970. Bhola started its path coming from the Indian Ocean, then the islands of Ganges River Delta, then, it finally hit Pakistan.

After the cyclone had passed, 80% of the farmers were affected and 12% of fishermen were affected. The doctors were scarce - 1 per 100,000 people. The government was blamed for the slow relief, food and supplies. Many homes in the area - especially near the coast - were either destroyed or severly damaged. With the cyclone gone, the death toll for floodning was around 300,000, whereas the entirety of the deaths was 500,000. To repair all the damage, $490 million (USD today) was spent.

Facts✈-government was heavily criticized for slow relief operations after the disaster-roughly 500,000 people in Bangladesh were killed-with the Bhola Cyclone, over $490 million dollars (USD of today) was spent in damage from the storm-roughly 85% of the area's homes were either destroyed or severely damaged, with the most damage along the coast-in the villiage of Tazumundin, lost 45% of it's population-this was the 6th cyclonic strom of 1970 that has hit Bangladesh-the people that were affected;~80% farmers~12% fishermen~rest were clerks, factory workers and shopkeepers ~but doctors scarce - 1 in 110,000 people

☁Bhola Cyclone☁

What is the Bhola Cyclone?The Bhola Cyclone was - obviously- a cyclone, that had hit Bangladesh (FKA. Eastern Pakistan) in 1970. This cyclone had killed roughly around 500,000 people, and 300,000 were killed from flooding.

How did this occur?

ResultThe Aftermath

The Bhola Cyclone

Videos of Cyclone Bhola

Before the storm had hit, the people had prepared by stocking up on food and water. They (the people) had taken shelter by an underground cellar or a shelter or mainly evacuate the area. Nowadays, people prepare by stocking up on ncesseties such as; extra batteries, spare water bottles, dried/canned food, first-aid kit, etc.

The path of Cyclone Bhola

Damage done by Cyclone Bhola

How do Cyclones Form?A tropical cyclone needs two main ingredients: a group of thunderstorms and a warm body of water – at least 27ºC – from which the storm gathers its energy. The warm, tropical ocean under an upcoming storm evaporates the water, then condenses it to form clouds, releasing heat throughout the process.The heat energy together with the rotation of the Earth, this gets the cyclone spinning and pushes it forward. While the cyclone looks deadly from the outside, its low-pressure centre, commonly known as the eye, is calm.

Preparing Against Cyclone Bhola and Others to Come

How did the Country Handle the Cyclone?Bangladesh now has several storm warning systems set along the Bay of Bengal and has had success of evacuating 3.2 million people over the last 10 years, lowering the death toll for regular cyclones.


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