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B.F. Skinner Glog

1904- Born in Susquehanna,Pennsylvanina1926- Earns BA in English from Hamilton College1930- Earns Masters in Psychology, Harvard1931- Earns PhD in Psychology, Harvard1936- Marries Yvonne Blue, fathers two children1945- Becomes Head of Psychology at Indiana University1948- Takes position as Professor of Psychology at Harvard1966- Named President of Pavlovian Society1972- Bestowed with Humanist of the Year award1974- Retires from Harvard1990- Dies from Leukemia

"Operant Conditioning" -Operant + Reinforcing stimulus = desired behavior -Simple organisms can be taught complex behaviors. -Undesired behaviors can be extinguished by removal of reinforcement - Undesired behavior can be replaced with desired behavior -Reinforcement can be gradually faded to create permanent behavior independent of external reinforcement -Behaviors and results of treatment are observable and meausrable



B.F. Skinner'sOperant Conditioning

Key Points

Classroom Applications-Teach any desired behavior within daily routine ( "settling in", attending to task, positive social interaction, etc.)-Chain together multiple desired behaviors i.e. coat in locker, homework in folder, lunch choice, bell work for morning routine-Undesired behaviors can be replaced with desired behaviors through shaping and behavior modification. ( planned ignore attention seeking behavior while positively reinforcing attendance to task)

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Pigeon Pong

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The "Skinner Box"


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