Beyond Tuesday Morning

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Beyond Tuesday Morning

One woman living in New York City with her daughter is lost and hopeless over the death of her husband, who died on 9/11. God brings a new hope, good friends, a handsome stranger and redemption into her life to show her how she can be redeemed in Christ.

By Karen Kingsbury

Conflict - Jamie Bryan is trying to move on from the death of her husband (a firefighter who dies on 9/11) and meets a stranger (Clay Micheals) who falls in love with her, but can't be with her because he lives in California and she is not ready to move on. Setting - New York City, NYClimax - Clay is unable to stay in NYC, but they both feel that God is calling them to stay with each other, though Jamie would have to fully let go of her dead husband, Jake. Protagonist - Jamie BryanGenre - FictionResolution - Clay helps bring Jamie closer to God and they get married and move to California, where Clay works.Points of View - All people invloved in the main storyline got a point of view (and all were written in third person)Theme - RedemptionCharaterization- Jamie: nervous, unsure, lost hope. Sierra: joyful, happy, content, loving.

"God wants everyone to be gentle, even us tough FDNY guys. The reason? He is closer than we think." - pg 99

Literary Devices

Loyal, stubborn, godly, determined, happy, peaceful

Jamie Bryan

Beyond Tuesday Morning

"With all the trials and tragedies, all its brokenhearted confusion, life was still the greatest choice of all. God-given life. that was her choice. Now and always."-pg 300





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