Beyond Teaching

by silversal
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Beyond Teaching

BEYOND TEACHING!!!Across the RiPPleSPheRe...........Fluency MC in Tunisia

A lesson greater than the sum of it's glogs.......This means that multiple glogs would not suffice to cover the influence & learning potential depicted here!!

2)Feelings & adjectives

1) Gist of story & vibes

Out on the ripplesphereyou tickle the blogospheremusical atmospheresocial chromospherelearning magnetosphereFluency microspherepebbling across massive macrospheres

3)ClubEFL quizzes

5) Feed your T-Values

4)'Brainiac' video by Parolingua


  • Chaouki 10 years ago

    Chaouki's avatar

    That is really a great idea to disseminate the Fluency MC spirit everywhere on the net. Such a lovely video deserves to be everywhere!!