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Social Studies

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Of Ghosts

Can you imagine going anywhere you wanted? Ghosts have no physical boundaries so they can go anywhere they please.

Crazy Fashon

How Many?

If you want to know how many ghosts there are in the world, there is about as many ghosts as there are humans .

Scary House Tour

Crazy Fashion

Ghosts can be up to some crazy things. If your house is haunted you may hear strange sounds like music, voices and knocking. Noises can come from the walls like singing, footsteps on the stairs, in the attic or the hallway. You could even hear faint voices. A ghost can make items disappear and reappear. They can make a person feel cold spots or make them smell odd smells. One type of ghost called a Poltergeist breaks and throws things!

"Ok. I did it"

What To Do, What To Do, What To Do?

What's your favourite food? Ghosts eat strange food like Energy because they don't have a physical body so they can't eat physical food. Sometimes they can even possess a person and make them eat to get food! Bad ghosts can eat the souls of the living causing them to die.

Yum Yum

What's your craziest look? Ghosts have some pretty good ones! Ghosts can look like a transparent clothed figure. Ghosts can also look like a shadow or mist.

Ghosts can be found is spooky places like where people live and work, older buildings, in a grave yard or in your own back yard!

Spooky Hideout


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