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The book Loser by Jerry Spinelli was not a good book for me. It's about a boy, named Donald, but is called Zinkoff by everyone he knows. Zinkoff is entertained by the little things. The book goes on, from when he was born, sixth grade before anything gets exciting. During the first snowfall, Zinkoff is outside playing in the snow, when he sees lights and hears sirens. He follows them, and hears that a little girl he knows, is missing, she ran away. It's cold out, too cold for a toddler. So he goes out to look for her. He walks the streets, calling her name. Looking for any sign of her. He looks and he looks, but he never finds her. Soon it's too cold for Zinkoff. He's tired, and can't stand the winter chill. He starts seeing things, hearing things and imagining. Then he's lying in the snow, shaking. He falls into what seems like sleep. When he wakes up, he's in his parent's bed and his sister is cutting something. "Mom, he's awake." She calls. Their parents come up and tell him what happened. The little girl was found a little later then when she went missing, and he was out there until 1 AM. The man plowing the street found him all curled up. Donald has many visitors that day, hearing the story.


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