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Beverly Cleary

Who is she?

You Might Not Know...

Beverly Cleary

-Ms. Cleary was a struggling reader when she was in elementary school!-Her 3rd grade teacher was the first person to suggest she write for children-Based her books on her neighboorhood and the people she knew-Has been named a "Living Legend" by the Library of Congress

Ramona Quimby Series

-Born in McMinville, Oregon-She lived on a small farm until she was finally old enough to go to school! -She loved to read, and was hardly ever seen without a book! -After high school, she graduated from the University of California at Berkley. -She moved to Seattle to study librarianship (specifically, being a children's librarian...go figure)-Her books have received many many honors, and are loved by children all across the globe. Some of these include:Newbery Medal (Dear Mr. Henshaw)2 Newbery Honor BooksLaura Ingalls Wilder Awardand many many more!

Contact Mrs. Cleary!Beverly Clearyc/o Author mail, 7th Floor HarperCollins Publishers 10 East 53rd StreetNew York, NY 10022

Henry Huggins, 1950 Ellen Tebbits, 1951Henry and Beezus, 1952 Otis Spofford 1953Henry and Ribsy, 1954 Beezus and Ramona, 1955 Fifteen, 1956Henry and the Paper Route. 1957 The Luckiest Girl, 1958Jean and Johnny, 1959The Hullabaloo ABC, 1960The Real Hole, 1960Beaver and Wally, 1960Here's Beaver!, 1961Two Dog Biscuits, 1961Emily's Runaway Imagination, 1961Henry and the Clubhouse, 1962 Sister of the Bride, 1963Ribsy, 1964 The Mouse and the Motorcycle, 1965The Growing-Up Feet, 1967Mitch and Amy, 1967Ramona the Pest, 1968 Runaway Ralph, 1970Socks, 1973Ramona the Brave, 1975 Ramona and Her Father, 1977 Ramona and Her Mother, 1979 Ramona Quimby, Age 8, 1981 Ralph S. Mouse, 1982Dear Mr. Henshaw, 1983Ramona Forever, 1984 The Ramona Quimby Diary, Morrow, 1984Lucky Chuck, 1984Janet's Thingamajigs, 1987A Girl from Yamhill, 1988Muggie Maggie, 1990Strider, 1991Petey's Bedtime Story, 1993My Own Two Feet, 1995Ramona's World, 1999 Two Times the Fun 2005

See for yourself why children everywhere love Beverly Cleary's books

Dear Mr. Henshaw

The Mouse and the Motorcycle

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