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Beulah Henry

Beulah Henry was a self-taught engineer who has credit for over 100 different inventions. She studied at two different colleges in North Carolina, then moved to New York where she founded two companies. She was awarded 49 U.S. patents.

Fun Facts


Beulah Louise Henry


Sept 1887- BornFeb 1973- Died


"I invent because I cannot help it."

-Known as "Lady Edison"- Provided charity for animals- Loved writing and painting- Never married - A direct descendant of Patrick Henry

Some other inventions from the 1900s

- Vacuum Ice Cream Freezer- Umbrella with snap on covers in a variety of colors- The 1st bobbin-less sewing machine- Protograph (makes 4 copies of a document from a typewriter- Dolly-Dips (soap-filled sponges)-"Miss Illustion" dolls - "Kiddie Clocks" to help children learn to tell time


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