[2016] ileana ulloa: Betty Zane by ileana ulloa

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[2016] ileana ulloa: Betty Zane by ileana ulloa

Betty Zane

Children and husbandsBetty zane married ephraim McLaughlin in 1786,and had five daughters. when her husband died she married again, and she married to Jacob Clark and had two more children.

Betty Zane Date of BirthBorn in July 19,1765 and died in august 23,1823 and I used to live in berkeley county, west virgina then my family and me moved to st. clairsville,ohio.

known for being a heroAfter i died on August 23,1823 in St. clairsville ,belmont county in ohio across the river of wheeling. I was buried in the old pioneer section of walnut grove cemetery in martins ferry with my brother ebenezer.

Sources The sources i used were britannica. com,www.wvculture.org,www.women historyblog.com and last but not least www.lostpine .com I hope u enjoyed this online poster. created by ileana ulloa

Being A Hero Betty zane was rememberd for being a hero. This is my story, it starts with my careless brother forgetting the one keg of gunpowder back at the house some men volunteered but they couldnt leave because they were protecting the fort. So I volunteered to go because i could be some use to all of them. I left really fast because we needed more gunpowder cause we were running out. I left and got there safely but on my way back indians saw me and yelled squaw. they started shooting at me but i only got a hole in my apron. I got back to the fort unharmed, and soon the british retreated.

This is elizabeth running from the indiains and back to Fort Henry and got back unharmed with the gunpowder wrapped in her apron but when the indiains attacked her she got a hole in her dress from the indiains shooting her.

betty zanes first husband is on the left her second husband is on the right.


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