Betsy Ross

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Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross was born on January 1, 1752 in Philadelphia at her parent's house. Betsy had 16 siblings. She had 11 sisters, and 5 brothers. Betsy worked at an upholstery business when she grew older. Her father's name was Samuel Griscom and her mother's name was Rebecca James Griscom. Betsy Ross was married 3 times and had five children who were all girls.Betsy went to a formal education school for Quaker children. Betsy Ross was invited from George Washington to sew a flag for the new nation. After that she became famous. On January 30th, 1836 in Philadelphia, Betsy had died. Betsy Ross was very important. Afterall, she created the flag for the new nation.


George Washington invited Betsy Ross to make a flag for the new nation. After that Betsy Ross had finished the flag and soon she became very famous.Scientists still dont know if Betsy actually invented the flag.


My opinion is that Betsy Ross is very important because if she didn't invent the American Flag we wouldn't have a flag to show which nation we are in. I would love to be Betsy Ross because of her loyalty and honesty.



Betsy Ross- born January 1, 1752- 1758 attended Quaker school for children- 1773 got married


- 1776 George Washington visits her and asks her to make a flag for the new nation- 1777 gets remarried

-1783 gets remarried and has five children- 1790 the Treaty Of Paris Is Signed- 1826 retires- 1836 dies on

January 30, 1836

Arta Ajdini


Did you know it wasn't just Betsy who made the American Flag? It was her and five other women.



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